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ChargeSingh RSX3 (Universal Socket)

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The slim designed EV Charger is all you need to charge your EV. Whether it's a 22kW 3 phases of fast charging, universal Type 2 socket, the ChargeSingh RSX3 serves your need.

 The ChargeSingh RSX3 can quickly charge your EV at home with its compact size and powerful performance. It's easy to use and compatible with all types of residences. The powerful features and clean design make it suitable for commercial use.

22kW of fast charging, Type 2 socket
Power Output
Charge your vehicle up to 22 kilowatts per hour, distance range of approximately 144 kilometres per hour
Large Screen LCD Display
2.76 x 2.05 inches LCD screen displays charging information, including current, kW/hs, voltage, etc.
Slim & Durable
The ChargeSingh RSX3 charging station comes with an IP66 rating. The case is made of a high-quality aluminium alloy body and a PC alloy plate. It makes it perfect to use any venue conditions. It’s high-pressure waterproof and dustproof.
- Compatible with all EV models.
- Universal Socket (Compatible with Type 2 cable)
WiFi and Mobile Data
Optional (not Included)
Earth Leakage Protection
A technology that works by monitoring the current flowing through a conductor.  It detects fault currents from live to the earth (ground) wire within the installation it protects.